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Never-Before-Heard Collection
На торги Gotta Have Rock and Roll выставлены редкие записи Битлз. Пленки получили название «The Beatles Derek Taylor Never-Before-Heard Collection of Lost Beatles Recordings», сообщает Ultimate Classic Rock. Лот оценивается в сумму от $300 тыс. до $500 тыс.
Среди представленных на пленках записей — репетиции к альбому Sgt. Pepper, джем Джорджа Харрисона с Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, версия While My Guitar Gently Weeps с Джимми Пейджем, 45-минутное интервью с Джоном Ленноном.
Также есть запись, где Леннон исполняет песни, сочиненные им и Киоко Чан Кокс, дочерью Йоко Оно
The Beatles Derek Taylor Never-Before-Heard Collection of Lost Beatles Recordings: Including the 1967 Kenwood Sessions and John Lennon Private Recordings

The lost collection of Derek Taylor Never Before Heard Beatles Tapes

A collection of six tapes of unreleased music/albums and extremely personal interviews.

Featuring Sgt Pepper Rehearsals From Kenwood

“One From The Nursery” an unreleased John Ono Lennon Album

George Harrison Unreleased Album with The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band

These Tapes Are Not Being Sold with Any Copyright

These Tapes Are Being Sold as Collectibles

Tape 1: Unheard Beatles Sgt Pepper Rehearsals from Kenwood late 66 early 67

Run time is 56 minutes, songs include:

Revolution #9, mainly John in many accents, George can be heard, Paul too, Ringo one time, Terry Doran is also heard being interviewed by John, Terry Doran was ‘The Man From The Motor Trade’ on Sgt Pepper, every identical animal sound effect from Good Morning Good Morning is featured throughout, probably pre-dates Pepper and John has the sound effects saved, cockerel, hens, sheep, horse, pigs, cat, dogs etc, the very ones used on Pepper. Sitar drones almost all the way through by George, Piano backdrop also

Track Listing:

1. That much Control

2. Monte Carlo rally sound effects Terry Doran is Jack Brabham Formula 1 racer

3. Cat Feeding Services (Monty Python esque sketch)

4. A million miles away, John Indian accent Beatles far east tours in 66

5. Crazy banjo song, JL bellows

6. I’m aware of the situation monologue

7. Swing your partners

8. Lennon.McCartney complaining about the heat

9. John and George shouting over a very loud backing track

10. John/Paul counting in 123 testing, JL turns it into a poem.

11. Dear Prudence very early demo John wrote it way before 1968

12. British Police are pigs, in an Indian accent

Tape 2: George Harrison With the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and Jimmy Page.

15 tracks, 59 minutes George with his Thames Valley muso friends, Jimmy Page, Jon Lord, Joe Brown, Sam Brown, Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah band (Neil Innes, Legs Larry Smith, Vivian Stanshall) Alvin Lee, all songs written by the Bonzos and George, all recorded at FP.

Track Listing:

1. George into talk while playing guitar, introducing a new song

2. Brazil take 1 written for the Handmade films project Brazil (never went to production)

3. Brazil take 2

4. Brazil Take 3

5. Sooty Goes to Hawaii

6. Mandalay monologue for handmade films production of the same name

7. Sooty Goes to Hawaii #2

8. Sooty Goes to Hawaii #3

9. Operatic Aria sung by Georges father-in-law and Olivia Harrisons dad Zeke Harrison, I doubt that Olivia has heard this

10. Bullshot theme song for Handmade films completed production.

11. Hare Krishna chant by everyone

12. Chant 2

13. While my Guitar Gently weeps with Jimmy Page on guitar

14. Same with Alvin Lee on guitar

15. if I Needed Someone

Tape 3: George with Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band band, all co-written 25.30 mins, 16 tracks

Track Listing:

1. Intro Legs Larry Smith

2. Do You Remember

3. Nothing Ever Changes

4. Urban Spaceman

5. Isle of Money (I Love Money)

6. Can you Groove (George)

7. There’s a Bright Golden Boil on my Penis

8. I Like Cesar

9. Misery Farm

10. Julie

11. Danda

12. When You Gotta Poop

13. Now You’re Asleep

14. Telling me The End

15. Viv Has Gone to Heaven

16. Mandalay Monologue #2

Tape 4: John Interviews Yoko 1969

Recorded by John in 1969, 45 minutes, John questions Yoko’s motives for being with him, discusses very personal matters, very revealing.

Tape 5: Yoko with Dr. Artur Janov

Yoko’s Primal Scream therapy 1 hr 40 mins, of very personal therapy, Yoko discusses John, music and very personal issues including John’s friendship with George.

Tape 6: “One From The Nursery” Unreleased John Ono Lennon Album

John and Kyoko Cox Tittenhurst Park

Run time is 47 minutes

4 tracks

Lots of John talking and playing acoustic guitar (sounds like his J60E) recorded at Christmas time, Various songs stand out, all written by John & Kyoko

1. John, I Love You

2. I Wish You Were my Father.

According to Derek Taylor, all of the material was edited, banded and mixed for release on Zapple Dec 1969, was shelved.

This item is sold as an artifact ONLY, without copyright. Any reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Good condition.